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Somalia – how women are rebuilding Mogadishu

As Somalia emerges from civil war and the influence of Islamist insurgents al-Shabaab, it is women who are rebuilding the economy according to businesswomen in Mogadishu, and students and the rector of the University of Somalia, who says: ‘It is the women the economy relies on. The men are there for fighting’ Sadly, Sadly the … Continue reading

Rearming somalia: U.N. lifts Somalia government arms embargo.

The Somali government is far from being stable, lifting arms embargo is major mistake. There is no guarantee that the arms getting into Somalia will not be used to kill civilians. Somalis are yet to learn what citizenship means, tribalism is still widely used as means of fueling conflict between neighboring tribes. Somalia does not … Continue reading

Booqashadii Jawaari ee Jigjiga

Dhageysta inanta ka hadleysa videogu marku marayo 23:53, waa wadaniyad (timacade ayaan xasuustay) waxay istahisha bilad sharaf. Kun jeer ayey dhanta siyasiyiin aan waxba qaban, oo uun ka shaqeya qabileysi iyo in ey maalka ummada lunsadaan. Ilaahey waxaan uga baryeynaa cid kasta oo Somalia dhibkeeda ka shaqeyneysa ilaahay in uu hoojiyo.

Puntland or Somaliland or both……..Yaa Hori marsan….Yaa se ka saari kara Dhibka Somalia…

The question I asked above in Somali, is which of the two powers in the Horn of Africa, Somaliland or Puntland is more advanced and also which of the two can serve as guide for getting Somalia out of the mess it’s in. A question like this always raised unneeded emotion that spoils the discussion … Continue reading

Without negotiations, Syria will be the new Somalia, UN envoy says (Again Somalia in the news)

I wish well for our brother and sister in Syria, but it’s yet amazing to see Somalia being compare to the worse that could happen to a country that find it’s self in conflict. Somalia has become synonymous with destruction, chaos and dysfunctional. This is so mainly because Somalia has unexplored oil,gas and many other … Continue reading

Somalia ranked 174 in Corruption Perception Index ratings by Transparency International

Somalia is Ranked last out of 176 nations, it shares the rank of the 174 place with North Korea and Afghanistan. Well considering the tribal nature of Somali officials, who use tribal favoritism and nepotism to run governments that depend of outside donors to run basic services. In 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011 and 2012 Somalia was the world’s … Continue reading

Somalia’s New President

A surprise candidate, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, has won Somalia’s first freely contested presidential election. The bigger surprise will be if his government proves any less corrupt or incompetent than the one it is replacing. Somalia is the world’s premier basket case, with a stranglehold atop Foreign Policy magazine’s annual Failed States Index. It’s home base … Continue reading

Somalia business as usual in 2012.

Somali politicians who steal from poor and weak need to wiki=leaked,…We need people to expose the crimes that are being committed by UN backed criminals in Somalia who have been destroying the country from the inside since the fall of Siyaad Barre. Even-thaw Siyaad was a dictator, under his rule Somalis did not experience the … Continue reading

UN Fails Somalia Again: A Bogus Election for 2012!

By Dr. M. Omar Hashi wadijir@hotmail.com The United Nations has utterly failed the Somali people. It has failed to establish a genuine political framework for the people of Southern Somalia to reconstruct their lives. Instead of working to create self-governing authorities throughout the South, the UN has foolishly opted to impose through AMISOM, Ethiopian, and … Continue reading

Inside Story Is Somalia ready for real democracy?