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Muqdisho fire fighters

As the world stays Quite…Places of worship are burned in Myanmar.

Mobs destroy mosques, burn homes in central Myanmar. According to a witness, a group of 20 armed Buddhist ransacked a mosque in the central city of Tatkone, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Meiktila, hurling stones at the building and smashing its windows on Sunday night. The source said soldiers fired shots to drive away … Continue reading




Malcolm X. Oxford Union Debate, Dec. 3 1964 from Jason Patterson on Vimeo.

Somalia’s New President

A surprise candidate, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, has won Somalia’s first freely contested presidential election. The bigger surprise will be if his government proves any less corrupt or incompetent than the one it is replacing. Somalia is the world’s premier basket case, with a stranglehold atop Foreign Policy magazine’s annual Failed States Index. It’s home base … Continue reading

Liiskii ugu dambeeyey ee xubnaha Baarlamaanka Soomaaliyeed

Liiskii ugu dambeeyey ee xubnaha Baarlamaanka Soomaaliyeed Guddiga farsamada ee xulista baarlamaanka Soomaaliyeed ayaa soo saaray liiskii ugu dambeeyey oo gaaraya 255 xubnood, waxaana dhimman 20 xubnood (Beesha Hawiye waxaa ka dhamin 8 (Sideed) xubnood, Beesha Digil iyo Mirifle (6) lix xubnood, Beesha Daarood 2 (labo) xildhibaan iyo beesha DIR oo ay ka dhimmanyihiin 4 … Continue reading

Gaadiid lagu gubay Kismaayo

Gaadiid lagu gubay Kismaayo 14 Jul 14, 2012 – 6:48:01 AM Ururka Al-shabaab ayaa bartamaha Kismaayo u gubay Maanta 14 July,2012 laba gaari oo ay ku sheegeen inay Qaad si dhuumaaleysi ah ku geliyeen magaaladaas oo horay ay uga mamnuuceen ka ganacsiga iyo cunista Qaadka. Goobjoogayaal ku sugan Kismaayo ayaa sheegay in gaadiidka lagu gubay … Continue reading

Qaybtii 4aad Hayaanka Puntland iyo Habraaca Beelaha. W/Q Xaamud Dala-aan

Qaybtii 4aad Hayaanka Puntland iyo Habraaca Beelaha XAMUD MAXAMED DALA-AAN Luulyo 10 2012 Hayaanka dimuquraadiyada iyo hagardaamada iska horimaadka beelaha Puntland. Habka isxulafaysiga beelaha iyo hardanka qabiilada ayaa ah darbi markasta hortaagan horkaca shacabka puntland iyo hayaanka baahinta isxukunka ku salaysan dimuquraadiyada am maamul wadaaga. Dagaalada beelaha iyo aanooyinka qabiilada ayaa noqday caqabad ka mid … Continue reading

Good news from Puntland

On Jul 7 2012 Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole signed the Puntland Political Party act into law. This act will change a system of clan based government into a representive form of government. This will surly give the people of Puntland more into how the the region elects parliament representatives and the president. This is … Continue reading

Tunisian Ruling Islamist Leader: “We Fought for Freedom, not Sharia Law”

Rached Ghannouchi, leader of Tunisia’s ruling Islamist Al-Nahda Movement, speaks to Al-Asaad Ben Ahmad about Salafis, Sharia and the creation of a new society Tunisia’s next parliamentary elections should be held before June 2013, the country’s Prime Minister, Hamadi Jebali, said in an interview published on Wednesday in the Tunisian newspaper La Presse. While head … Continue reading