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Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, legacy: what would it be?

If Somalia’s current president can initiate job creation projects for Somalia and use the tax revenues to develop Somali first national highway 3 or 5 (the name does not matter)…to connect the following cities: Awdal to Qandala to Caluula to xafuun to Eyl to Hobyo to Moqdishu to Kismayo to Ras kambooni to Jubbada hoose … Continue reading

The Sky is Falling! Asteroids and Meteors on the Same Day!

So maybe the sky isn’t falling, but it’s quite the coincidence that an asteroid and a meteor both descended upon our little plot of the universe within about 15 hours of one another. While many skywatchers have been anxiously awaiting the close approach of Asteroid 2012 DA14, they were completely taken by surprise when a … Continue reading

Weather on Steroids Is Global Warming, Stupid: Paul Barrett

By Paul Barrett Yes, yes, it’s unsophisticated to blame any given storm on climate change. Men and women in white lab coats tell us — and they’re right — that many factors contribute to each severe weather episode. Climate deniers exploit scientific complexity to avoid any discussion at all. Clarity, however, isn’t beyond reach. Hurricane … Continue reading

The Cities Where People Earn the Biggest and Smallest Paychecks

Very interesting article, but the question is considering What hurricane Sandy did to New Jersey and New York….Are these cities safe from global warming or to better but it how safe is the world from natural disasters. For me I think the world is interconnected, so what ever happen in the red sea and Indian … Continue reading