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As the world stays Quite…Places of worship are burned in Myanmar.

Mobs destroy mosques, burn homes in central Myanmar. According to a witness, a group of 20 armed Buddhist ransacked a mosque in the central city of Tatkone, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Meiktila, hurling stones at the building and smashing its windows on Sunday night. The source said soldiers fired shots to drive away … Continue reading

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, legacy: what would it be?

If Somalia’s current president can initiate job creation projects for Somalia and use the tax revenues to develop Somali first national highway 3 or 5 (the name does not matter)…to connect the following cities: Awdal to Qandala to Caluula to xafuun to Eyl to Hobyo to Moqdishu to Kismayo to Ras kambooni to Jubbada hoose … Continue reading

Wareysi iyo Xog: Sh Xasaan Xuseen Oo Ka Hadlay Dilkii Sheekh C/qaadir Nuur Faarax (Gacamey)

Wareysi uu siyey Sh. Xasaan TVga Somalisat, oo uu ku tilmaamay oraahada in uu ka dambeyay dilkii Sh. C/qaadir Gacamey ku-tiri-ku-teen. Wuxuu kalo ka hadlay Jamaacada Ictisaam iyo Culumada Ictisaam…iwm…

Somalia – how women are rebuilding Mogadishu

As Somalia emerges from civil war and the influence of Islamist insurgents al-Shabaab, it is women who are rebuilding the economy according to businesswomen in Mogadishu, and students and the rector of the University of Somalia, who says: ‘It is the women the economy relies on. The men are there for fighting’ Sadly, Sadly the … Continue reading

Rearming somalia: U.N. lifts Somalia government arms embargo.

The Somali government is far from being stable, lifting arms embargo is major mistake. There is no guarantee that the arms getting into Somalia will not be used to kill civilians. Somalis are yet to learn what citizenship means, tribalism is still widely used as means of fueling conflict between neighboring tribes. Somalia does not … Continue reading

South African police suspended over death of man ‘dragged behind van’ Fresh footage casts doubts on police claims taxi driver assaulted officer and tried to take his gun before incident

South Africa has one of the highest murder rates and rape cases in Africa. I thought South Africans would be more welcoming of fellow African workers and business people considering the history of the country fighting against the brutal inhumane apartheid. Sadly, this clip speaks volumes on the condition of the people in South Africa. … Continue reading