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Somali Lobby Group warns Kenya and International Oil Giants

Somali Lobby Group warns Kenya and International Oil Giants Aug 21, 2012 EAEF Headline News The East African Energy Forum has issued warnings to the Kenyan Government and four international oil companies today that are illegally exploiting offshore hydrocarbon concessions off the southern coast of Somalia. The lobby group has said in its directive to … Continue reading

Somalia business as usual in 2012.

Somali politicians who steal from poor and weak need to wiki=leaked,…We need people to expose the crimes that are being committed by UN backed criminals in Somalia who have been destroying the country from the inside since the fall of Siyaad Barre. Even-thaw Siyaad was a dictator, under his rule Somalis did not experience the … Continue reading

UN Fails Somalia Again: A Bogus Election for 2012!

By Dr. M. Omar Hashi wadijir@hotmail.com The United Nations has utterly failed the Somali people. It has failed to establish a genuine political framework for the people of Southern Somalia to reconstruct their lives. Instead of working to create self-governing authorities throughout the South, the UN has foolishly opted to impose through AMISOM, Ethiopian, and … Continue reading

Puntland MP Abdisalaam Sh. Maxamuud (Sheybe) assasinated in Garowe.

Puntland MP Abdisalaam Sh. Maxamuud (Sheybe) was killed Early morning Sunday August 5 outside of Masaajidka Al-Walideyn in the Capital of Puntland Garowe. The killer is was not caught a common theme in Puntland. Those who murdered high profile figures in Puntland such as Sultaan Isse are still unknown. Only a month bassed since Col. … Continue reading

Inside Story Is Somalia ready for real democracy?

20 Years and Counting: America’s Vicious Cycle of Intervention in Somalia

by Malou Innocent Yesterday, the L.A. Times revealed that the United States is equipping and training thousands of African soldiers to fight al-Shabab, the militant wing of the Islamist Somali government. For now, outsourcing the combat to African countries may appear to bring America minimal risk, but Washington’s renewal of its multi-decade attachment to Somalia … Continue reading