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‘UN fails Myanmar human rights test’

Your report on the humanitarian situation in Arakan state, western Burma (Warning of crisis for Muslims held in Burmese camps, 14 July) outlines the distinct lack of political will by Thein Sein’s government to address the plight of the Rohingya Muslim minority. This is hardly a surprise given the military’s consistent persecution of the Rohingya. … Continue reading

Oil majors to gain most from East Africa gas boom

* East African natural gas reserves are over 250 tcf * Will make the region a top LNG exporter * Small companies lack capital for such big projects * Asian national energy companies lack know-how By Henning Gloystein LONDON, July 20 (Reuters) – Large western energy companies stand to gain most from a boom in … Continue reading

Tunisian Islamists stress democracy, not hardline religious rule, as they open party congress

TUNIS, Tunisia — Tunisia’s ruling Islamists emphasized their commitment to a civil, democratic state — as opposed to one under hardline religious rule — as they opened on Thursday their first party congress since taking power. The comments appear aimed at easing concerns of many in the opposition who fear an erosion of Tunisia’s secular, … Continue reading

Gaadiid lagu gubay Kismaayo

Gaadiid lagu gubay Kismaayo 14 Jul 14, 2012 – 6:48:01 AM Ururka Al-shabaab ayaa bartamaha Kismaayo u gubay Maanta 14 July,2012 laba gaari oo ay ku sheegeen inay Qaad si dhuumaaleysi ah ku geliyeen magaaladaas oo horay ay uga mamnuuceen ka ganacsiga iyo cunista Qaadka. Goobjoogayaal ku sugan Kismaayo ayaa sheegay in gaadiidka lagu gubay … Continue reading

Range Resource-Investor Presentation 4th July 2012

Qaybtii 4aad Hayaanka Puntland iyo Habraaca Beelaha. W/Q Xaamud Dala-aan

Qaybtii 4aad Hayaanka Puntland iyo Habraaca Beelaha XAMUD MAXAMED DALA-AAN Luulyo 10 2012 Hayaanka dimuquraadiyada iyo hagardaamada iska horimaadka beelaha Puntland. Habka isxulafaysiga beelaha iyo hardanka qabiilada ayaa ah darbi markasta hortaagan horkaca shacabka puntland iyo hayaanka baahinta isxukunka ku salaysan dimuquraadiyada am maamul wadaaga. Dagaalada beelaha iyo aanooyinka qabiilada ayaa noqday caqabad ka mid … Continue reading

SOMALIA: Hargeysa court sentences one year jail term to prominent elder

Mogadishu (RBC) Somaliland’s Hargeysa regional court on Sunday sentenced one year jail term to Boqor Osman Mohamud Burmadow, a prominent traditional elder who was arrested in March, RBC Radio reports. He was charged of being affront on the Somaliland leaders and that he was opposing the secessionist policy of the breakaway region. The court prosecution … Continue reading

Here we go again…

I am tired of headlines, that use Somalia as an example of the worst thing that could happen to a country. I woke up this morning and read, this headline: Mali braced for military intervention amid fears it could become ‘next Somalia’ The Guardian – ‎Jul 6, 2012 West African nations are considering imminent military … Continue reading

Good news from Puntland

On Jul 7 2012 Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole signed the Puntland Political Party act into law. This act will change a system of clan based government into a representive form of government. This will surly give the people of Puntland more into how the the region elects parliament representatives and the president. This is … Continue reading

4.5 or 5-clan system in somalia is a disaster.

There is no government in the world except Somalia that uses a useless system of government to elect officials based on family linage. The best governments of the world elect officials based on knowledge, achievement and leadership. There are international bodies such as the UN and governments that have been supporting Somalia currently disastrous system … Continue reading