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Fishing Vessel Attacked by Naval Forces: Two Fishermen Reported Dead

Fishing Vessel Attacked by Naval Forces: Two Fishermen Reported Dead Two Crew Members Killed in Attack By JD Two Somali fishermen were killed after unknown International Naval forces opened fire at a Yemen registered fishing vessel with nine Somali crew members. According to Puntland officials, the Naval forces mistook the fishing vessel for that of … Continue reading

Mykolayiv, southern Ukraine and Sanford, Florida, United States: Two tragic deaths in 2012

There are still sick people in this world, the killing of Treyvon Martin killed for being black walking and looking around in the rain also the death of rape victim Oksana Makar is evident to it: The victim of a horrific sex crime that prompted a bout of national soul-searching in Ukraine died in hospital … Continue reading

Turkey’s Increasing Role In Somalia: An Emerging Donor? – Analysis

Turkey’s Increasing Role In Somalia: An Emerging Donor? – Analysis Written by: JTW March 29, 2012 By Abdihakim Aynte In what seems to be an extraordinary shift in its involvement in Africa, Turkey is fast becoming an ally – and international actor – in Somalia’s theater. Lately, Ankara has shown an increasing interest and willingness … Continue reading

Somalia’s mighty shilling

Hard to kill A currency issued in the name of a central bank that no longer exists Mar 31st 2012 | from the print edition Currency traders at work USE of a paper currency is normally taken to be an expression of faith in the government that issues it. Once the solvency of the issuer … Continue reading

Judith Tebbutt is free

I am glad, Judith Tebbutt is free. I hope those who killed her husband face justice somehow in this world or the hereafter. I say sorry to Judith Tebbutt for coming to Somalia as hostage, a shame indeed. Questions arise in my mind about the captor and why they would do such a thing. One … Continue reading

Somalia reffered to as Hellish by BBC

The BBC calls Somalia Hellish… “Why is Uganda fighting in ‘hellish’ Somalia?…It’s amazing how the world treats you when you sway no power, such is state of Somalia. The best societies are those who treat the weakest among them the best. The morally bankrupt may call Somalis a hell on earth but the questions is … Continue reading

Libyan rebels cage black Africans in zoo, force feed them flags (SHOCK VIDEO)

After watching a small clip of this video, I felt no sympathy for how Gadhafi treated the Libyans…Everyone of those so called rebels who allowed this to happen are far from what Islaam teaches about the treatment of prisoners. They are cowards, anyone who tortures, rapes or mistreats any human being is vile and cruel. … Continue reading

Somalia: weak government plus corruption equals no public service.

Somalia is making headlines again, but, this time, not for its pirates. According to a new Transparency International report, Somalia ranks number one on the list of most corrupt countries. Huguette Labelle, chair of the Germany-based anti-corruption group Transparency International, said, "These results signal that significantly greater efforts must go into strengthening governance across the … Continue reading