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“Your Peace depends on us being left alone”

As a major conference on Somalia opens in London, reporter Jamal Osman went to Somalia to speak to the Islamist group that will not be attending the summit, despite controlling most of the country.

London Conference on Somalia: US Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton

US Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton spoke at the London Conference on Somalia on 23 February 2012. Secretary Clinton said: “We are meeting at a critical half-way point. Six months ago, the Transitional Federal Government and regional authorities signed the Roadmap, to turn the page on this chapter of Somalia’s history and begin a … Continue reading

The international community must come together to help Somalia.

In September 1992, Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd visited Mogadishu. He could not have known that it would be 20 years before any of his successors set foot in the country again. Shortly after his visit, Britain’s Embassy was shut and Somalia plunged deeper into the vortex of suffering and violence that has consumed it ever … Continue reading

50 Cent oo Soomaaliya ka dagay – Rapper 50 Cent visits Somalia

Here are how some are spending their money… I hope more rich people support projects that are helping Somalia over come poverty and conflict. Contact us at jidkacirka@gmail.com if your looking for ways to help Somalia.

Somalia Diaspora Discussion at Chatham House February 2012

Puntland needs a realistic Poet (abwaan like Dhoodaan) Here is Dhoodaan talking to his people.

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Waa kuma Wasiirkii ugu shaqada wanaagsanaa Puntland Sanadkii 2011?

Laguma soo koobi karo halkan Waxbqadyadii Wasiirka Caafimaadka Puntland Dr. Cali C/laahi Warsame ay wasaaradiisu ku talaabsatey sanadkii 2011- waxaana la oran karaa Wasaaradda Caafimaadku waa wasaaradda ugu waxqabadka wanaagsanayd guud ahaan hay’adaha dowladda Puntland. Garowe (RBC Radio) Wasaaradda Caafimaadka Dowaldda Puntland ayaa sanadkii 2011 waxay samaysay waxqabad balaaran oo dhanka caafimaadka ah iyadoo Wasaaradda … Continue reading